Tiếng Việt

Hanoi, LaoCai, Sapa, Mt Fansipang, Halong
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT101
 + Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights

Our porters carry the equipment and food. No ropes or technical climbing skills are needed, just endurance and plenty of energy. The terrain is rugged, wet and often cold...

Escape The North Vietnam
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT103
 + Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights

 This concise tour of northern Vietnam allows you to discover and explore some of the most remarkably scenic regions in South East Asia. Beginning in the national capital, Hanoi, we uncover the charms and curiosities of this graceful old city and its fascinating Old Quarter on foot before setting out to cruise amongst the towering limestone karsts of awe - inspiring Halong Bay. Last, but definitely not least, we take the China - bound train to the northern border town of Lao Cai. From here we'll trek through the breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery around the northern hill tribe minority town of Sapa, and spend the night in a village longhouse, before returning to Hanoi where our trip ends.

Northern Vietnam and Halong Bays
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT102
 + Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights

Come to experience the splendid smiles of the Dao ethnic minority, the lush green jungles of Mount Fansipan and the limestone islets in Halong Bay on this extraordinary 9-day journey through ethnic minorities villages of Northwest Vietnam, one of the most stunning and culturally diverse regions in Asia.

Explore The Northern Vietnam
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT104
 + Duration: 16 Days / 15 Nights

Adventure tours to Northern Vietnam, exploring the most splendid area of where concentrates various obstacles of limestone mountains ranges and incredible terraced paddy fields. Suitable to those love green eco tours, prefer untouched areas and explore customs of the hill tribal people. Extremely attractive to picture-hunting travelers.

The Hidden North
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT105
 + Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights

The interesting culture of many hill tribe groups and the breathtaking mountain scenery of the north are all on this adventure. The journey from Dien Bien to Sapa is quite hard, especially in the wet season. But it is a great chance to explore the remote area and many colorful markets. A combination of some visits to a wide variety of ethnic minority groups generally retaining their lifestyle, traditional costume with high mountains, deep ravines and terraced fields of Vietnam will excite your spirit of adventure. As the northern mountain roads are very rough especially in the wet season however travelling on 4 WD car is the best way allowing visitors to explore in depth.

The North-west Loop
 + Tour Code: VD-NWT106
 + Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights

Adventure tours Vietnam, Northern West loop with the major highway No 6 links 6 provinces, stretched along the border with Lao and the border with China. Tens of hill tribe people living here, H'mong, Black Thai, White Thai, Red Dzao, Giay, Lao, Muong and so forth. The wonderful scenery suddenly appear and you are shocked by its beauty. Only for this trip people over 60 years old are not encouraged to join this tour unless you surely prepare good health.



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